Diet-friendly Zabaglione (Italian custard)

Zabaglione (pronounced za-ba-yoh-neh) is a delicious and oh so simple Italian custard. Its actually only 3 ingredients! It comes together in a matter of 10-15 minutes total and can be enjoyed right away, hot from the stove or chilled and enjoyed later. I made this version diet friendly using sweetener but if you aren’t on a diet or watching your sugar intake, you can make the original version with granulated sugar.



-4 egg yolks

-4 tablespoons Truvia blend (with cane sugar) / stevia

-4 tablespoons low calorie juice (any white juice such as white grape juice, pear juice or apple juice)

My choice of toppings:
-Lemon zest
-A bit of honey (to taste)


1.) Bring a sauce pan (half full of water) to a simmer on medium heat. Keep water simmering. You will use it later.

2.) Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. (We will not be using the egg whites in this recipe but do not toss them! Refrigerate them and use them in something else!) Place the egg yolks in a heat safe bowl, we will be using those.

3.) Add stevia to egg yolks. Whisk together (using a handheld mixer or whisk) until mixture gets silky and develops a froth on top. This should take about 4 minutes.

4.) Add in the juice. Mix until well incorporated. This should only take about 10-15 seconds of mixing.

5.) Place this sweetened egg mixture (that should be in a heat safe bowl) over the saucepan of simmering- boiling water. Whisk mixture until it thickens to a custard consistency. This takes 5-7 minutes.

6.) All done! Serve the custard in small cups with whatever fruit or glaze you’d like. You can enjoy this warm or chill and serve later.




1.) The MOST important part of this recipe is whisking your egg mixture while it is on the heat. Your zabaglione will result in small pieces of scrambled eggs if you are not whisking it thoroughly and consistently!

2.) A few people have asked what types of sugar they can use. By all means, experiment with the sweeteners! I am using a Truvia blend in this recipe (its stevia and cane sugar)  and since Stevia is very different from the original sweetener of granulated sugar that the NOT diet friendly version calls for – by all means use monkfruit sweetener, brown sugar, etc! I’m sure your zabaglione will turn out delicious regardless.

3.) A few people also asked about what types of juice to use for zabaglione. Traditional zabaglione actually calls for alcohol but we do not consume any alcohol whatsoever so I subbed it out for juice! That just shows how forgiving this recipe is. Use any type of white juice you have on hand. If you use a reddish/darker juice, the color of your zabaglione might by off though, so be forewarned!

4.) If you do not have juice on hand, mix 4 tablespoons of water with some sort of flavoring, whether its honey or a teeny amount of vanilla (if you do use vanilla, take away whatever amount of vanilla from the total amount of liquid using ie the 4 tablespoons since you do not want 4 tablespoons of water AND 1 teaspoon of vanilla. That would result in more liquid than necessary. Just subtract the teaspoon of vanilla from the 4 tablespoons of water ie only use like 3.5 tablespoons water!)

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