Protein Oreo truffles

One of the easiest dessert recipes you can find! 3 ingredients and so decadent.



-4 ounces fat free cream cheese 

-9 ounces Oreo crumbs 

-1 scoop chocolate cupcake protein 



1.) Pulverize the Oreos in a blender so that you have a fine crumb mixture. Sometimes there are small pieces left and thats fine. (I buy my oreos already in crumb form for baking purposes so you can opt for this as well. Makes things even easier.)

2.) Add in 4 ounces of fat free cream cheese (this is exactly half a block of cream cheese.)

3.) Finally, add in a scoop of chocolate flavored protein. I had chocolate cupcake flavor so that’s what I used in this recipe.

4.) Combine everything together in the blender and allow it to blend for about 1 minute. It should result in a homogenous playdough like texture.

5.) Shape the mixture into small balls. I use a scale to ensure they are all the same size (this is an important step if you are tracking calories.)

6.) Refrigerate for about 2 hours minimum. If you are in a hurry to devour these, you can put them in the freezer for a half hour.


NOTE: Makes about 16 truffles (20 grams each) 

NOTE: I do not coat these in chocolate because chocolate adds on calories, carbs and fats and considering these are already decadent enough, I opt out of the chocolate for macro tracking reasons! If you’d like a little something extra and still want these to be macro friendly, feel free to drizzle a little chocolate or roll them in cocoa or even PB fit if you’d like!

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